ESU Hands-on Training Course

Full day ESU Hands-on Training in Endoscopic stone treatment – step 1
(Wednesday 02 October – Limited places: first come, first serve)

This training curriculum has the goal to provide the clinician with proficiency skills in the treatment of urinary stones with endoscopic techniques. This protocol has been designed following a very strict process, in order to mitigate the risks of complications related to the learning curve process. Moving along the different tasks and training steps, the participant will learn how to use the different instruments and technologies

• OR setup and equipment
• Flexible URS indications
• Intrarenal pressure during flexible URS. Why is it important
• Avoiding complications during URS

Hands-on training:
– Flexible Cystoscopy
– Rigid Cystoscopy
– Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy
– Flexible Ureteroscopy (Navigation)

Analysing the ESTs1 video material with exercises explanations:

Additional fee:
€ 80,- per person (incl. VAT)

It is now possible to book this ESU Hands-on Training Course when you register for the meeting. Note that you automatically will be registered for the ESTs1 Exam the following day. The exam comes with an extra fee of 50 EUR (incl.VAT). If you would not like to attend the exam, please cancel by sending an email to our registration department: