AIFA Application

Following Italian Law 219/06 all Pharmaceutical Companies must appoint to AIFA’s procedure through the Italian appointed Agency 70 days before as requested from the Italian Ministry of Health.
Please contact our Official Agent before July 22th, 2019

Steps for foreign Companies are indicated here:

The fees to pay to AIFA are indicated here

The last date to close the online process is July 22th, 2019.

As this process, for foreign Companies without an SIS CODE, may take time, we recommend to request the SIS code from Ministry of Health several weeks before the deadline.

All Pharma Companies with an SIS code willing to undertake AIFA procedure are kindly requested to inform Emilia Viaggi by sending attached authorisation form together with the payment of an Agency fee equal to 500 eur + 22% VAT

The reference person for AIFA is: Roberta De Simoni,